🆕️ℹ️ 8th Grade Parents & Students: The High School Application Is Open–Apply to High School by December 1!

Here’s how to apply:
1. Log in to your MySchools.nyc account.
2. Learn about high schools and programs.
  • Search MySchools for programs based on interests, location, and more. 
  • Visit schools of interest.
  • Add 12 program choices to your child’s application in MySchools.
3. Apply by December 1! 
**Please note that the nine Specialized High Schools use separate admissions processes; these schools will not show up as options on your high school application:
☆ LaGuardia High School. Submit a separate LaGuardia application and audition by December 1 to apply for any of the school’s six arts programs
☆ Testing Specialized High Schools. Register by November 4 through Ms. Mancuso, School Counselor, to take the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test  (SHSAT), which determines admissions to the eight testing  Specialized High Schools.
Registered students will take the SHSAT on a scheduled date in November or December.